Our Services



At Connections Dental, Drs. Defilippo and Choorapuzha focus on prevention and early detection. This results in quicker, simpler procedures that are less costly for our patients. Our state of the art digital x-rays detect the smallest of cavities while exposing patients to significantly less radiation. Our cutting edge fluoride varnish, available in a variety of pleasant flavors, helps to prevent cavities and lessen dental sensitivity. In understanding the patients' complete medical history and lifestyle, our recommendations focus on each patient's situation and how we can help them achieve their optimal health. 

In spite of our best efforts, sometimes patients require more advanced dental procedures. At Connections Dental, we can take care of almost all dental needs in house, limiting the amount of specialists a patient needs to see and thus simplifying the patient experience.

Here is a sampling of the services we offer:

Cleanings and Periodontal Care

Whether providing a normal prophylaxis where healthy teeth are cleaned and polished, or a deep cleaning, for patients with periodontal disease, our hygienists are excellent at optimizing gingival health.


A smile is one of the first things people notice about us. If you are interested in tooth whitening or bleaching, we have three options available - in office professional whitening, custom fabricated take home bleaching trays, and prescription strength take home trays. Whatever your goal is we can help you achieve it!


When a tooth breaks or gets a cavity, fillings are our first round of defense. We place both silver (amalgam) fillings and white (bonded/composite) fillings.

Root Canals

When the living portion of the tooth becomes painful due to infection, removing the nerve often allows us to save the tooth. We can perform most root canals in our office and in one visit.


A dental crown is a cap that covers the entirety of the tooth, thus protecting and strengthening teeth that have become compromised. Possibly adding decades to the life of a tooth and available in a variety of materials, crowns are an invaluable tool that preserve and improve your smile!


An excellent cosmetic option for chipped or crooked teeth, veneers beautify, strengthen and give the appearance of straight front teeth without the hassle of braces.


A more economical option to replace missing teeth than implants, removable devices allow patients to eat and smile with pride.

We offer many services beyond these, including Invisalign, extractions, bridges, and implant restorations.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and to maximize your oral health!